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ShutUpandBall is excited to bring to you the First ever Madden/Mortal Kombat X Mash Up Tournament. The Tournament Format for Madden is Single Elimination with every player having the option to purchase a spot in the redemption bracket.The start time for the Madden Tournament will be 12:00p. The Mortal Kombat Tournament will also be Double Elimination (best 2 out of 3) The start time for the Mortal Kombat Tournament will be 8:00pm. These are the two hottest titles in Gaming today and we want to provide a platform to see who’s the Best. Choose your Battlefield wisely.


Tournament Rules & Game Settings

Single Elimination with a Buyback
Updated Rosters
All Madden skill level
4 minute quarters, accelerated clock OFF
No Custom Playbooks
You CAN set Audibles
No blocking kicks; must call FG block and put the controller down after play call screen
No Fake Punts or FG
No onside kicks unless losing in the 4th quarter or OT only
No manual rushing A/B gap from less than 3 yards from line of scrimmage
No coaching
Kick arc OFF
Defensive graphics NONE
No sub restrictions
CPU assist (Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker) ON
Holding OFF

Prize Breakdown

1st Place 5000.00
2nd Place 2000.00
3rd Place 1000.00
4th place 750.00
5th place 500.00
6th Place 350.00
7th place 250.00
8th place 150.00

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