The WCMPL Madden 16 Season Preview


Thirty-two teams……Thirty-two chances.  Madden 16 promises to be the MOST anticipated season of the WCMPL connected careers franchise league.   There are some new faces, some familiar faces, and even some returning faces.  There are storied rivalries, Super Bowl champions, and coaches that have never been anywhere NEAR the playoffs that have somehow….some way…….found themselves in the same division.  Who do I think is going to win or dominate their division?  Let’s find out……..

afc east

H.O.V.A..  The AFC BEAST has four of the best defensive teams in Madden and in the NFL.  It also boasts two Madden 15 Super Bowl champion coaches and the defending NFL Champion Patriots. Now if you combine a Madden 15 Super Bowl champion with the NFL championship team, you would think that that equals an AFC East division title.  But if i told you that the New York Jets re-signed Revis and Cromartie; drafted a superstar defensive lineman; kept Wilkerson, Richardson, and Harrison; traded for Zac Stacy and Brandon Marshal; punched Geno Smith in the mouth (just because); and gave the keys to the kingdom to the defending WCMPL Super Bowl champion, you’d agree that VA Assassin is the favorite to come out of the East.  Go Jets!


Trading Places.  When you talk about “Air Supremacy” it is usually a good idea to have one of the best receivers in the NFL on your team.  Or…you could also have the receiver that’s on the cover of the game on your team.  Or…you could just play with your favorite team?  I know what you’re thinking, the Cowboys have the best line on the game, a great receiver, quarterback, and hall of fame tight end.  And yes, their coach is a fan (why tho?) of the franchise.  But he’s not the division favorite.  That would be Zayins, the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  A Super Bowl winning coach in Madden 15, a final four participant in the Madden 16 King of the Hill Tournament, Eagles fan, and Master of the Go route.  It’s almost like the game was designed for his style of play.  So while RG III is running around the field, and Odell Beckham is Spec Catching every play, the Eagles (NOT the Cowboys) will fly high.


Steady Mobbin’.  Surprisingly every team in this division are pretty damn good.  DAMN good.  The Raiders just signed Aldon Smith, The Chiefs got some receivers, the Chargers got healthy, and the Broncos…..well they have talent everywhere.  As nice as these teams are, the coaches…..well let’s just say each coach was at the bottom of their divisions in Madden 15.  Every season.  For a WHOLE year.  The BOTTOM.  But that WAS Madden 15.  This year?  All four coaches signed up for, and participated, in the annual WCMPL King of the Hill tournament.  History has shown us that the King of the Hill Tournament is NOT a measure of success.  But……I’m picking the new coach of the Kansas City Chiefs Da Mobb to win the division and host a playoff game for the first time in his WCMPL coaching career.

nfc west

Fam First. Let’s fast forward past the dumbest play call in the history of sports to discuss what we already know to be true.  Marshawn Lynch is a beast.  And when you have a beast, you need to FEED the beast.  Easier said than done when you have a receiving tight end like Jimmy Graham and a mobile quarterback.  But with the great defensive line of the St. Louis Rams, the still solid defense of the 49ers, and a playoff defense like the Arizona Cardinals, you almost need to have the best overall defense in the game to help you through your growing pains.  How in the world TPain got the first pick in the draft is as great a mystery as why the Seahawks didn’t run the ball 1 yard from the end zone in the Superbowl.  But what is no mystery is that he will reign supreme in the wild wild west.

Rhyme Pays. This division can lay claim to being one of the toughest in the WCMPL.  A two time Super Bowl winning coach has the Browns, an NFL hopeful defensive back has the Steelers, a youth football head coach has the Bengals, and the Madden Undergound  King of the Hill Road To Dallas Tournament Champion has the Baltimore Ravens who just happen to have the fastest man on the game at receiver.  Affectionately known as the “Black and Blue” division of the NFL, it will be no different in the WCMPL.  A dogfight until the last game of the season, I believe that the two time winning Super Bowl champion of Madden 15 will prevail and show the naysayers that his scheme is better than the team.


The Art of War.  No team, and no coach in this division like each other.  At all.  So there is no earthly way possible for any one team to be consistently dominant.  The division title will rotate from year, to year, to year, to year.  And this is what makes what i’m about to say that much more difficult.  I say that the Minnesota Vikings coach, Glock, wins the division title year 1.  Here’s why:  the Packers are a great team, a GREAT team, but they don’t practice very much.  The Lions are a good team, very solid, but they lost two pro bowl caliber defensive tackles, don’t have a strong running attack, and can’t complete drag routes.  The Bears have pieces, but not enough pieces yet to match up with the other teams in the division.


Attack on Titan.  Colts don’t want none….Jags don’t want none….Texans don’t want none…Rickey don’t want none….The LEAGUE don’t want none!  I opened with that line last year, but the Tennessee TeamBrianJames Titans clearly don’t know, don’t show, or care about any other team in this division this year either. The Indianapolis Colts may be one of the better teams on the game, as is their coach, and may possess the firepower to win the division.  The only problem is……their schedule.  The Texans and Jags are both about two years away, so look for the Titans to start fast and finish strong with a division title.


Bird is the Word.  At first glance, one could look at the teams (and coaches) and think that this division will belong to someone who is known for consistently playing and winning money games.  At second glance, one could look at the the teams and matchups and think that any team with Cam Newton on it is the team to beat.  At third glance, some may even recognize that the NFC South teams were trash in the NFL last year and think that trend will continue.  But when i look at this division, all i can see is the MF Golfer, the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, winning the division.  Two reasons.  Two very SIMPLE reasons.  One, he now has his favorite team.  Two, he has a crew that breaks down the game.  A CREW.  An MF Crew.

Written by Philly Guy

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